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The holidays are full of festivities and food! From tasty holiday treats to comforting cocktails, there are more than enough temptations to trigger tooth pain during and after the holiday season. As per the Ontario Dental Association, here are four primary things to look out for when it comes to your teeth and the holiday season: 

Sugar: Sticky, sugary foods that tend to be at every social occasion and in everyone’s pantry this time of the year can promote a breeding ground for bacteria inside your mouth, creating acid and harming the enamel that protects your teeth. Be especially aware of candies that are sticky and chewy which might paste sugars right onto your teeth and candies that are hard and can risk breaking your teeth.

Starches: Pies and cakes and even freshly baked breads tend to break down into sugar and cause the same impact as sugar does. Be particularly mindful of carbohydrates that stick to your teeth. 

Spirits: Many of us look forward to a good holiday cocktail or a warm hot toddy at the end of a freezing cold day, but making a frequent habit of savouring your favourite spirit can increase tooth sensitivities and cavities. This goes for sodas, fruit juices and energy drinks too. 

Stress: Whether you are losing sleep over your social calendar or last minute gift shopping, that stress has the potential to impact your teeth. Not only can stress lead to poor diet choices, but it can also cause sleep issues which may put you at risk of jaw pain, teeth grinding and dry mouth. 

Beyond the four S’s, remember to travel with your toothbrush and floss in tow, carve out enough time for a good night’s sleep and take some enjoyable winter walks to keep your body moving and strong all holiday season long. If you plan to hosting a holiday party, offer tooth-friendly snacks like cheese which will neutralize acidity from sugar, and nuts which will strengthen your teeth. And keep in mind; if you can’t brush your teeth right after eating the tempting holiday treats, try drinking some water to help remove the lingering sugars in your mouth.

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